Wedding Info

Thank you for your interest in Steve Fellers Photography. I have been photographing weddings for more than 15 years and I love what I do. Each wedding day is different, as are the bride and groom, their families and friends. The opportunity to meet and get to know so many unique individuals is one of the pleasures of photographing weddings. But documenting and creating timeless memories provides the most satisfaction for me.   

Being a photojournalist for many years has shaped my wedding photography style. And what is my style? Some photographers opt for the “washed out” look, while others favor the outdoors “grunge” look. I aim to produce true-to-life colors in my photography. 

I strive to capture those candid moments that depict the pure emotions of the day. But I also focus on the details, the families and all of the romantic moments in between that help tell your wedding story and capture your personalities.

It would be an honor to document your wedding day.

The price covers the photographer’s services, all the photo equipment required (including logistics), and post-production (photo editing and preparation of the files).

The couple receives a digital library featuring high resolution files that are edited and ready for printing. Additional options, such as prints or a wedding album are available. Bridal and engagement sessions are also an option.

Our pricing is simple — and reasonable. We charge by the hour, which means you pay for every hour the photographer(s) is present. 

Please contact us today for a price quote.

A 25% deposit is due at booking with final payment due before the wedding.


What are the advantages of hiring an experienced professional?

A professional photographer will be timely – arriving at your wedding promptly, and getting the results to you on time. A professional has just the right equipment for photographing your wedding. Having attended many weddings, an experienced wedding photographer will be at ease at your wedding and is comfortable working with individuals, couples, and groups to make the wedding day photography (and other aspects) go smoothly.

How many years of experience do you have?

I have more than 30 years experience in photography, primarily in photojournalism, and more than 15 years photographing weddings and portraits. Much of my wedding photography style is based on photojournalism, capturing the special moments as they happen.

You do wedding photography part time – shouldn’t I be looking for someone who shoots weddings full time?

Weddings are typically held on weekends. A part-time wedding photographer shoots about as many weddings as a full-time photographer who does portraits during the week, and can have just as much experience shooting weddings. The main difference is that a part-time wedding photographer doesn’t have the overhead of a full-time photographer, and can save you a lot of money for the same high-quality photography.

How far in advance should we book our wedding?

There is no rule. But the date, if available, will be guaranteed with the payment of a deposit and a signed contract. So the sooner, the better!

Do you photograph weddings out of the Arkadelphia area?

Yes! A minimal fee is added for travel of more than 20 miles from Arkadelphia.

What type of cameras do you use?

I am 100 percent digital. I use the latest Sony professional cameras and I always carry back-up equipment.

Will you accept a list of suggested photos?

Certainly! In fact, I recommend it.

Some photographers do not allow (or severely limit) guest’s taking pictures. How do you handle this?

The only time this becomes an issue is during the traditional, posed shots. As long as they don’t slow down the shoot or get in the way, I don’t have an issue with guests taking photos. Ideally, guests will put down their cameras and cell phones and enjoy the ceremony.

How many photos will you take?

It often depends on the number of hours you choose. Eight hours will yield more photos than four hours. A typical four-hour wedding will result in up to 300 photos.

I want very traditional photographs taken, is that possible?

Yes, I can take photographs to suit your needs: contemporary/modern, reportage or even traditional styles.

I have looked at your galleries, but can I see an entire wedding that you have shot?

Sure you can. Just ask me and I will forward you a login name and password to view some recent weddings that I shot.

How long after our wedding will we receive our digital files?

Normally, I will have them delivered to you in about two weeks. Often sooner!

Why are your prices so high?

They’re not! In fact, many people tell me I don’t charge enough.

So why don’t you raise your prices?

Wedding photography is not my main source of income, therefore I can offer top-quality, professional photography at affordable rates.