I love to photograph people. It's that simple. I cherish each client and truly appreciate their trust in me. It's the trust that motivates me to provide the best photographs and service possible.
Photography has been a passion of mine since elementary school. I have an extensive background as a photojournalist, which has shaped my photographic style and greatly influenced my ability to capture those special moments. It fostered a smooth transition to wedding and portrait photography. 
I also photograph special events and provide services for commercial customers. I added videography to my repertoire more than five years ago.
I hope my passion for photography and never-ending pursuit of perfection persuades you to contact me and discover what Steven Fellers Photography and Video can do for you.
Did you know...
- My first camera was a Kodak Brownie camera that used flash bulbs. I had to get my parents to load the film.
- I used Nikon cameras for many years, but made the switch to Sony mirrorless cameras about three years ago.

- When I'm not photographing people, I like to focus on landscapes and nature. Please take a look.
- I have always had a fascination with trains, and I still drive by the tracks every chance I get.
- Growing up, my neighbor was a fire chief. Needless to say, I continue to have a fascination with fire trucks.
- Photography runs in the family. My daughter, Rebecca, is a photographer in Little Rock. She does great work.
- I have a fluffy 13-year-old pomeranian named Sissy, and a tortoise-shell cat named Olive.

- As a newspaper editor/photographer, I have worked in Utah, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Arkansas.
- My favorite location was St. George, Utah. The most interesting (by far) was Key West, Florida. Quite the contrast, huh?
- I am originally from Camden, Arkansas. I attended Fairview High School before it merged with Camden High School.
- I played the trumpet all the way through college. So did my daughter. (And she also likes fire trucks!)
- I got married in Las Vegas on April Fools Day. Hey, why not?

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