Why’s an older guy like me lingering in a sea of talented, young wedding and portrait photographers?
Well, I don’t believe age should matter -- but experience and quality work should. If clients like what I do, and I feel that I’m doing a good job, then I’m going to keep doing what I love to do.
I’m certain that my age is not a disadvantage for my clients. So I really don’t worry about it. As long as I feel inspired at every wedding and portrait session, and love it as much as I do now, I’m not too old.
There’s always the perception of the grumpy old photographer who is out of touch with modern trends. But I consider myself an aging nerd who continues to keep his finger on the pulse of the photography industry and keeps up with the latest trends.
We’re gonna have fun. I may have a corny sense of humor, but I’m going to make you smile. And with years of experience, I can often anticipate the unexpected twist and turns of the day and help you navigate any obstacles that arise.
Now don’t get the wrong idea! I’m not an old man. I’m just not as young as most of the professional photographers you may encounter.
Enough about age!
I want to be your photographer or videographer. I love what I do now more than ever. It has been a joy to experience and witness some of the greatest moments in the lives of others. I look forward to many more.
I have lived in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, for the past 25 years. I also went to college here. I have an extensive background in newspapers as both an editor and photojournalist. Photography has been a passion of mine since junior high school.
I hope you will contact me if you’re interested in hiring either a wedding photographer or videographer. The same goes for portrait, commercial, and event photography.
This “old guy” hopes to hear from you soon!
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